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I have almost two decades' experience in various media marketing and PR channels - on and offline, national and regional, agency and client-side, consumer and B2B - most recently working primarily in B2B PR for IT and tech companies.

I have a breadth of experience and knowledge along with a patient, calm and methodical approach to client servicing that has led to me being described as a 'safe pair of hands', ‘a sage’ and ‘the office Yoda’.



Over time, I've established myself as a copywriter for a range of purposes, writing to order in a variety of voices, with a number of clients asking for me personally to write content for them. 

Most recently, I've specialised in B2B content, writing thought leadership articles, research reports, whitepapers and blog posts for a wide range of IT, technology and telecoms firms whose products and services include cyber-security, IT networking, and communications infrastructure amongst many others.

In the words of one previous client : "you write stuff that makes me understand what we do..."

Media Relations


After many years in the PR industry, I'm confident and connected when it comes to knowing who to talk to and when to talk to them.

Whether it's broadcasters, bedroom bloggers, national journalists or specialist trade writers, let me help you tell your story.

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